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Polar Eco-View Windows is a division of Hartman Pacific.  


Hartman Pacific was established in Australia in 1987 and quickly became a sought-after Outdoor Furniture brand and the undisputed leader in the market for innovative designs.  Since its humble beginnings in Cheltenham, Victoria, Hartman has seen rapid growth. 
Hartman today supplies quality outdoor furniture to many retailers including Bunnings Warehouse.

In 2004 a further division of Hartman Pacific, Gorilla Ladders was introduced into the Australian market.  Gorilla has also seen rapid growth within its category to now become a dominant supplier to the ladder market.  Gorilla Ladders are manufactured in the largest ladder manufacturing plant in the world which meets the strict Australian and New Zealand Standards. 
All Gorilla research is conducted in Australia, with designs tested and modified to suit the selected market. 

Polar Eco-View Windows was introduced to the Building & Construction market in 2008 with an innovative and patented modular Double-Glazed window system.

How to use this software

Polar Eco-View Windows are a new and unique patented aluminium modular double glazed window system.  Use this software to build your own window design by selecting a range of modern colour schemes, window sizes, style and configurations.  Windows can be orientated as either a casement window or awning or can be supplied as a fixed sash.  Windows can be supplied with optional insect screens and frosting can be arranged.  When you modify your window design the price is adjusted accordingly.  If you drag the wrong window onto the assembly page don’t worry, simply drag the window into the trashcan and start again.
There are hundreds of combinations possible and creating your own design is now easy.

To quote or order a standard house lot of windows it should take only a matter of minutes.  Traditionally this process took one to two weeks.

To start simply select ‘Create a New Quote’ which will allow you to generate a quote or continue through and save your quote for future reference.
If you have previously saved a Quote, use the ‘Load Saved Project’ button and this will bring you back to your saved project.  You will need your Quote number and your email address to access this again.

Double Glazed Windows

In early 2000 the Australian government realised the need to legislate for improvements to the way we build homes to ensure we provide a sustainable environment for our future. Since 2003, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) has included Performance Requirements with the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently using energy.  In the majority of Europe and the USA, most homes feature double glazed windows as standard – indeed in many countries double glazed windows are mandatory - because a building is only truly insulated if the windows are engineered to resist the transfer of heat and cold.
In Australia however, too many buildings still feature flimsy, thermally weak windows.

Until recently all single glazed windows were the primary building materials used in windows.  Although glass is durable and allows a high percentage of light to enter the building, it has little resistance to heat flow.

The use of two pieces of glass separated by a sealed air space, creates a highly effective insulation barrier that can minimise cold and heat from entering or leaving your home.  This air space makes it more difficult for heat to be transferred through conduction.

Selecting Polar Eco-View double glazed windows is one of the simplest and most cost-effective decision you can take to make a more comfortable home all year round.

Across Australia, regulations which require all types of new homes to be more energy efficient are being introduced.  In most cases, these regulations are applied via the Building Code of Australia, (BCA) but not always.  Some States have their own special requirements and in addition, some local councils can also have rules which must be met.

Alterations and additions to existing houses may also be required to meet energy efficiency rules.

It is important to check the rules with local authority before beginning your project.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Online Quoting System: Polar Eco-View Windows has developed an ‘On-Line Instant Quote’ software programme whereby the customer selects the window and instantly a price for that selected combination appears.
  • Short Lead Time Windows are available for prompt delivery direct to site by arrangement (conditions apply) or via your local Bunnings store.
  • Polar Eco-View Windows are a modular double-glazed window system, which provides all the benefits that Insulated Glass provides but at a lower cost than traditional window manufacturers.
  • Manufactured from a 65mm aluminium extrusion they provide greater strength and security.
  • Windows can be connected using a worldwide-patented joiner. 
  • The ability to design and customise a window with hundreds of different combinations possible.
  • Traditionally Double-Glazed Windows are very heavy and usually require the use of lifting jigs or on-site glazing.  Polar Eco-View windows have overcome this by manufacturing a modular system; whereby windows can be assembled on-site while maintaining structural strength.  This overcomes many manual-handling issues associated with double-glazed windows.
  • Polar Eco-View Windows are members of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) and provide a 6-year warrantyon the Windows.  For further information please refer to the Warranty Terms and Conditions.
  • Polar Eco-View Windows are supplied with a protective film to the outside frame and glass to protect them against accidental on-site damage.
  • Independently tested by a certified NATA approved laboratory in accordance with both Australian and New Zealand Standards.

It has long been understood that conventional single glazed windows are the weakest thermal link within a home. Energy efficient double-glazed windows are an important element in your home and can significantly improve you homes comfort and energy efficiency. A single glazed Aluminium framed window will lose heat ten times faster than a corresponding area of insulated wall.


All Polar Eco-View Windows are factory glazed using Toughened Grade A Safety Glass (AS1288.1996) throughout the entire range.  Safety Glass is typically used in applications such as doors, shower screens or where human impact is possible.

Most other window manufacturers use Safety Glass where only required, by law, however Polar Eco-View Windows believe all windows in your home should be safe.

Toughened Safety Glass throughout the entire range of Polar Eco-View Windows.  Polar Eco-View Windows has selected Safety Glass because it not only provides a safer alternative to standard float glass, it is up to 500% stronger than annealed glass and is therefore more resistant to thermal breakage and higher wind loads.  A further safety characteristic of Safety Glass is that on breakage it fragments into many small pieces unlike annealed glass.  Toughened glass also provides additional thermal benefits above normal annealed glass making it the better choice.

Apart from the additional benefits that double-glazing provides, higher strength framing components means the window lasts longer whilst helping to protect against accidental breakage, criminal damage or forced entry.

Double glazed windows provide an increased protection to fire resistance as opposed to single glazing which tends to shatter quickly when exposed to intense heat.  

For casement and awning windows that require the opening angle to be limited, restrictor plates to suit Polar Eco-View Windows are available. Please contact our Customer Service team for more information.

Noise Reduction

A benefit of Double-Glazed Windows is they not only provide you with a well-insulated home, they are quieter than single glazed windows.  This reduction of noise transfer from outside to inside can be a real major benefit in noisy locations.

Aluminium Windows Polar Eco-View Windows products are manufactured from the most suitable materials and finish available and when properly installed and maintained will give many years of quality service.

Polar Eco-View Windows never need painting like timber windows that require periodic painting to prevent twisting or rotting of the frame. A further feature of having casement / awning windows is they provide easy cleaning as the sash opens 90-degrees making cleaning both inside and outside of the sash simple.

Window Performance

Polar Eco-View Windows have been independently tested in accordance with AS2047 through a certified NATA approved laboratory.

Serviceability Pressure (SLS) - 1000Pa / Ultimate Pressure (ULS) - 2300Pa

- Suitable for wind load classifications N1 to N3

- N4 wind load rating applies for non-corner positioning only

- Regions A, B and C1 for cyclone region C

Water Penetration Resistance Pressure Test - 225Pa

- Suitable for classification N1,N2

- Rating N3,C1 and N4,C2 applies for non-exposed locations only

Bushfire Attack Level - BAL 12.5

Acoustic Rating - Rw34

Please consult with your local authority and/or building inspector to determine if Polar Eco-View Windows are suitable for your location and specific installation requirements.

Click here to download the Technical Performance Specifications for Polar Eco-View Windows

Click here to download the WERS Performance Information


To create a quote containing Polar Eco-View Windows follow the prompts within the Software and your window combination is instantly priced.  The price includes your window, reveal fin, selected reveal lining, joiner/s (if applicable).

There is no need to submit your plans as your quote can be completed within the comfort of your office / home. 
You can adjust size, combination, style and select accessories.

The days of waiting weeks for your window quote are over!

Ordering / Delivery

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to place an order for your Polar Eco-View Windows.


  1. Use the Software available on this site to create your quote
  2. Follow the prompts by selecting your colour, combination and style.
  3. If you wish to proceed with your quote, visit your local Bunnings Store to place your order.


Once your order has been confirmed, your windows will be delivered flat packed, ready to assemble to your local Bunnings store within 5-10 working days. Direct to site delivery can also be arranged for large orders (Metro areas only). Conditions and minimum order value apply for direct to site delivery.

Contact your local Bunnings store or Bunnings Trade Representative for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can l obtain a sample colour chip?
To view the colour range please see your Bunnings Warehouse Special Orders Desk, contact your Bunnings Warehouse Trade Representative or alternatively contact Polar Eco-View Windows direct on 1300 362 393.

Does Polar Eco-View Windows offer other colours beyond the standard range?
No: At this stage Polar Eco-View Windows only offers the most popular colours - Black, White Birch and Silver Grey. 

Can Polar Eco-View Windows custom make windows?
No. At this stage only the standard sizes are available.

What is the window warranty?
Polar Eco-View Windows are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 6 years.  This warranty is backed by membership to the AGWA.  Please refer to the Warranty Terms and Conditions for more information.

Does Polar Eco-View Window manufacture other styles of windows?
Polar Eco-View Windows at this stage only makes fixed and hinged opening windows, along with a range of Sliding Doors and Full Lite Entry Doors.

Can the opening angle of casement and awning windows be limited?
For windows that require the opening angle to be limited, restrictor plates to suit Polar Eco-View Windows are available. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information.

Can I select other Reveal Linings for my Polar Eco-View Windows?
At this stage the only available is Pre-Primed Finger Jointed Pine in a range of sizes to suit various typical building applications.  Customers can also purchase MDF or KD Hardwood from Bunnings or local timber supplier.

What do l do if I have lost my quote and do not remember the quote number to regain access to it?
Please contact Polar Eco-View windows direct for assistance on 1300 362 393.

Are flyscreens available for casement or awnings windows?
Yes, flyscreens are available for all opening windows and can easily be fitted either during or after installation.

What colour is the hardware?
All Polar Eco-View Windows hardware is Black; this includes the cam handles and sliding door handles.

Can l key alike the Polar Eco-View Windows sliding door to my entry door?
Yes: Polar Eco-View Windows uses a standard C4 key blank on the sliding door.  Your local locksmith can assist you with this enquiry.

Does Polar Eco-View Windows supply frosted windows for privacy application?
Yes:  If you selected FROSTING as an option to your window, the price for frosting has been included. The frosting is applied with the use of a high-quality film.

Who do l contact if accidental glass damage / breakage occurs to a window?

Polar Eco-View Windows have been designed to accommodate a standard Insulated Double-Glazed panel.  Your local glazier can assist or please contact Polar Eco-View Windows direct on 1300 362 393.

Who do l contact if l experience a problem with a window?
In the unlikely event that a problem arises, please contact the place of purchase and/or contact Polar Eco-View Windows direct on 1300 362 393 and our friendly Customer Service Team will assist.

View Video Tutorial:

Click the link below to view a tutorial on the installation of Polar Eco-View Windows:


Polar Eco-View Windows is a member of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) and as such conforms to an industry Code of Conduct designed to protect customers.
Polar Eco-View Windows are inspected by independent third-party NATA accredited auditors to validate that
the window and door products examined have been manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and
the legislative requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia.

Guarantee additional to legal rights
This Guarantee is provided in addition to any warranty or guarantee imposed by law and in particular the
guarantees implied by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). In no way does this Guarantee seek to
exclude or limit any right or remedy you have in law. However, to the extent that is permitted by law any other
warranties or guarantees are excluded. For the purpose of this warranty “the product” means a window or
door product ordinarily manufactured and sold by the manufacturer.
Subject to conditions and limitations below Polar Eco-View Windows guarantees that its products are of
acceptable quality and free of any defect caused by the manufacturer.

This warranty does not apply to:
a) Moving parts such as rollers, hinges, cam handles and locks;
b) Parts supplied by other manufacturers as separate components and where such components are warranted
or guaranteed by its manufacturer or supplier those guaranties of warranties whether express or implied are
assigned to whom the goods are supplied;
c) Cosmetic damage;
d) Damaged caused by accident, misuse, transport, installation or any external cause;
e) Failure to install, use and operate the product in a way that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s
instructions, good building practice, relevant building standards or a use for which the product has not been
designed or recommended by the manufacturer.
f) Service work that is carried out by other than Polar Eco-View Windows or authorised Polar Eco-View
Windows agents.

Warranty claims
Should you wish to make a claim under this guarantee you are required to first notify the manufacturer. Other
than as provided by law the manufacturer will repair or replace the product to the extent that it is functionally
equivalent to the product supplied. Where a product has been repaired or replaced this warranty shall apply to
the repaired or replaced product for the balance of the period provided by this guarantee.

Polar Eco-View Windows products are manufactured from the most suitable materials and finishes available
and when properly maintained will give many years of quality service.
Builders / Homeowners please note:
When installing windows and doors there are some precautions you should take to ensure that the product
will retain their factory condition until installation is complete and the job handed over. Refer to the manufacturer’s documents or the AWA Installation and Fixing Guide for instructions.
Aluminium and Metal Products
External windows and door frames should be washed with clean water. If the product is exposed to salt air or industrial pollutants, it should be washed more frequently. In rural areas where normally there is very little
contaminated moisture you may not need to clean your aluminium fittings more than every six months.
Aluminium requires only minimal maintenance but like you motor car, the finish may deteriorate if dirt, which
collects on the surface, is allowed to remain unwashed over a period of time. This is because dirt absorbs
moisture present in the atmosphere.
To clean aluminium use the mildest treatment you can which produces satisfactory results. Start with warm
water and soap or detergent or for anodised material try solvent cleaners (e.g. kerosene, turpentine, whit
spirit) or non-etching chemical cleaners, or a wax-based polish cleaner. Keep water free from dirt and grit and
ensure that the weep slots in the window and door tracks are clear to allow maximum drainage.

Please note: While Polar Eco-View Windows are well protected by industry standard powder coat
finish, sea salt spray that is not cleaned off with fresh water at least on a weekly basis will result in
penetration through frame ends and seals where salt spray makes contact with the powder coat
surface. For this reason, it is not recommended that Polar Eco-View Windows are installed in high
salt spray areas usually associated with locations within 1 kilometre of the ocean.

To clean, simply wipe over the surface with a few drops of methylated spirits on a damp cloth, then polish the
surface with a dry lint free cloth. Propriety glass cleaners are not recommended as some of them can cause
damage to the silver backing on mirrors and the interlay of laminated glass. Ensure that all cleaning cloths are
free of any abrasive substances. Avoid causing extreme temperature changes as this may lead to thermal
fracture of the glass (i.e. Do not direct hot or cold water onto glass). Frosting is applied with the use of an
internal high-grade film
Regular maintenance is required for all hardware, even stainless steel as they are moving parts. In most
environments’ maintenance is recommended every 6 months, more frequently in costal and industrial areas.
Hangers, pivots and brackets should be given a light spray of corrosive preventative (such as CRC marine66,
WD40) followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess. Exposed surfaces should be first wiped
down with warm soapy water and a soft rag, and then rinsed clean before applying preventative.
Visible surfaces should be wiped down with warm soapy water on a soft rag then rinsed off by wiping with a
clean damp rag. Application of a thin film of light machine oil or one if the corrosive preventative sprays
mentioned above will help maintain the original lustre of the metal finish. Be careful not to get these
compounds on timberwork itself as they may cause staining.
Drop bolts should be sprayed with a lubricant such as those mentioned above at the sliding pin inside the bolt and the lock cylinder. A tube attached to the nozzle will help to concentrate the spray where you want it to go.
Identification Plates

Do not remove any identification plates or rating labels. A permanent performance label is a requirement of
the BCA in all states and territories of Australia.

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